3D Audio Box Locative Soundscapes

An original template by the GPS Museum Lab with the collaboration of Motive.io

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What is a 3D Audio Box ?

The 3D Audio Box is a Smartphone app template created in collaboration with motive.io and designed to create 3D soundscapes. it is conceived to immerse people into deep narratives and artistic sound compositions. We created this template with the aim to push the limits of locative sounds and create a true technology where you can navigate and explore the physical space with your ears, your mobile in your pocket.

What is a template ?

Motive.io is a company in Vancouver, Canada and they are probably one of the best on Earth to create locative stories and games for smartphones. Based on a large experience since 2010, they created stunning locative games like Code Runner. In July 2014, we started to collaborate in the improvement of their online web editor to create advanced audio contents for stories and games, helping to improve their technology. The editor works with Unity and a set of original templates. A template is a kind of structured app we can open and edit in Unity. We designed during one year this Sonic Augmented Reality template called "3D Audio Box" to facilitate the access to innovative and efficient technology, especially for cultural and historical contents.

Sonic Augmented Reality, track the audio box with your camera.

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The Motive.io template expands the classic use of Augmented Reality to invite walkers to track 3D sound compositions with the camera of their smartphone. When opening the app, you will see the 3D sound boxes around you and the ditance in meters or kilometers. Arrive at the correct location and you will be immersed in a tridimensional audio environment, a game, a story, a locative podcast, the possibilities are endless.

Our last 3D sound composition, Jungle-ized.

We collaborated with the Soundwalk Collective and Francisco López in the sonic recreation of the Amazon rainforest on top of Times Square.

3D Audio Box is distributed in Spain by Storyze.com

Storyze.com is the marketing platform for the adaptation of your contents into a unique app powered by our revolutionary template. Storyze.com is based in Madrid, follow the link…


3D Audio Box Augmented Reality Template

The 3D Audio Box Augmented Reality Template is the most advanced version of our 3D locative soundscape concept. It is the best choice for the most impressive user experience.
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Splash Screen

The Splash Screen is the first screen when opening the app. it appears during a few seconds and shows your visual identity and your name.
  • Black background.
  • Your Brand image or logo.
  • Your company or project name.
  • A subtitle about you.
  • A bottom tiny information about our technology.
  • The version number of the App.
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Title Screen

The Title Screen is the screen where we show the identity of the sonic artwork, title, subtitle and image.
  • Abstract low-poly background.
  • Your project's image or logo.
  • A title for the locative sound composition.
  • A subtitle for the locative sound composition.
  • A customised button to load the sonic composition.
  • A link to the "About this App" panel.
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Augmented Reality Camera Screen

The AR Camera Screen is displaying the location and the distance to your sonic artwork with Augmented Reality technology. You are tracking the sonic 3D Audio Box with the camera of your Smartphone.
  • Black background.
  • The camera view.
  • The 3D Audio Box tracker.
  • The distance from the sonic artwork in kilometers and meters.
  • A link to the regular map.
  • A link to the "About this App" panel.
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Navigation Screen

The Navigation Screen appears when we arrive at the correct location of the sonic composition. It shows the orientation of the mobile regarding the 3D sounds. No need to look anymore at the screen, just listen to the sounds.
  • Abstract low-poly scrolling background.
  • The user icon with rotation value.
  • Text & icon information to invite walkers to use the headset.
  • A link to the "About this App" panel.
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About Screen

The About Screen is the place where we give information about the artwork. Users can go to Settings and open the website related to the project.
  • Black background.
  • About this AppTitle.
  • About Subtitle.
  • About text.
  • Link to your website.
  • Link to Settings.
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Settings Screen

The Settings Screen is the place where walkers can "stick" (geolocate) the sonic composition to the user's coordinates. It is the place for security and disclaimer information for the Stick feature.
  • Black background.
  • Settings Title.
  • Reload Scripts button (only for online apps).
  • Stick with Location button.
  • Text information about Stick feature.
  • Legal Disclaimer text.

Compass Template

The Compass Template is a simplified version of our 3D Audio Box Template. It is the first choice for a simple and more affordable approach, focused on sounds only.
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Compass Screen

The Compass Screen is a substitute to the Augmented Reality screen. The compass is pointing at the location of the sonic artwork and calculating the distance.
  • A background graphic.
  • A compass with the white arrow oriented towards the location of the sonic artwork.
  • The distance from the sonic artwork in kilometers and meters.
  • A message to indicate the direction to the walker.
  • A link to the "About this App" panel.
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Map Screen

The Map Screen is helping the walker to find the correct location.
  • A black background.
  • A regular map with the location of the walker relative to the location of the sonic composition.
  • The distance from the sonic artwork in kilometers and meters.
  • A link to the "About" panel.
  • A link to the Camera mode. (for AR template only)